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Blackvue DR750s Installed By TTW Installations

Why Should I Get My Blackvue Dash Camera Professionally Fitted by TTW?

The reasons are as follows:

Here at TTW we have a very different approach to our installs compared to other mobile installers or install companies.

We firstly take care of your vehicle, making sure any trim that has to be removed is done with the upmost care without causing any damage, which you would think is the norm, but not these days with other install companies…

We professionally hardwire these cameras into the vehicle in a special way ‘not’ to cause any issues with the manufacturers warranty, as well as not causing any interference with the vehicles electrics such as the central locking, which can happen on BMW cars for example.

“Unlike other installers we will do extensive tests for any issues relating to the DAB radio which with some brands of cameras can cause interference and radio station drop out”.

Our extensive experience in modern vehicles enables us to combat these potential problems unlike other installer companies, so you can be sure the camera and radio will work as intended after the installation. The most important part of our install is that when cables are routed around the vehicle we make sure that none will interfere in anyway with the vehicles air bags, this is a must and worrying other install companies do not check for this, WE DO!

“Our team will install your camera the correct way, hiding all the cables  as well as wiring the cameras directly into your car electrics using ‘fuse adapters’ for a professional discreet install, so it will function correctly when in driving mode as well as the all important park mode feature”.

Ignition only recording installation
Professionally installed, it will turn on automatically when you switch on the ignition, and turn off automatically when you turn off the ignition, meaning that you’re always recording in case something happens out on the road.

Offering full UK installation for all your Dash Camera requirements,  we can arrange for an installer to visit your home or place of work. As well as offering nationwide installations, we have a dedicated professional install bay in Nottingham, where we have a master Auto Technician with over 30 years experience in vehicle mechanics and electrics.

The installation engineers are an extension of our company and when you have them at your home or place of work you can be certain they will treat your vehicle with the utmost respect. They will carry out a thorough check over the vehicle before and after the work is carried out, this will be noted on a job sheet that will need to be signed by you, before and after to ensure that you are happy the work that has been completed correctly.

Bespoke Installations
We can also offer more bespoke installations in Nottingham to tailor fit your needs,  as well as spend more time with the customer to correctly set up the cameras systems and demonstrate the app based software.

What areas we cover?
Mainland UK (excl. Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Channel Islands).
Scottish Highlands (installation lead-times may be longer).

Quick reasons to choose us to install your Blackvue Dash camera system:

1) TTW installations are not the same as a fit and go service. We install these cameras very differently compared to other companies

2) We take our time with your vehicle we are not on a time constraint to get the job installed as fast as possible and go. 

3) On all of our installs we take the time to route the cables through the rubber gaiters (where appropriate) we never take the quick and easy option with wires clipped around the vehicle trim which looks untidy and unprofessional.

4) Most importantly we route the rear camera cable well away from the vehicles airbags, we do this for obvious reasons. (some installer companies don’t do this!)

5) DAB* testing for the radio and spend time routing the cables away from any DAB receivers so not to cause any radio drop out. 

6) Install the cameras using fuse taps* which means no cutting of wires so not to invalidate your vehicles warranty.

7) Installs that are done at our head office come with a 12 months warranty, we will also guide you through the set up and the operation of the camera as well as the use of the app.

8) We also look after any warranty issues and have a sales team here to offer support and advise.

* 100% guaranteed at our Nottingham install bay.

Please contact us directly,  for a professional installation quote for your specific vehicle.

Front Camera Installation

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Front & Rear Camera Installation

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