Piggy-Back Mini Blade


A hardwire extra if you don’t want to solder wire to hardwire your dash camera. 12V piggy back holders suitable for Mini Fuse ATM, APM. Comes With a 10 amp fuse mini.


Please Note – We would always recommend you get a full qualified installer or approved installer by us to fit any of the Blackvue Models. If you choose to install the camera it is at your own risk, TTW cannot be held responsible for any installation costs or additional costs that may be incurred after a fault or failure of camera, car electrics if installed by you.

We strongly recommend that you either as us to install the kit for you or you use a proper qualified auto-electrician to install the hardwire kit for you, who has experience in these cameras as well as being fully insured.

Installation is easy and hassle free:
1. Simply remove an existing fuse from the fuse box, insert that fuse in to the bottom slot of the fuse tap.
2. Insert a suitable fuse for the new accessory in to the top slot.
3. Crimp your new live wire to the blue butt terminal on the fuse tap.
4. Insert the fuse tap into the fuse box slot where the fuse originally was.