Key Shield KS1 Faraday Bag – RF Shielding for Car Keys – Stop Keyless Cloning


Designed for security-conscious car owners, who want to ensure that their car keys are not scanned or cloned and for mechanics – to enable them to determine whether or not the key or the car has a problem.


This product is not designed to be kept in pockets. It is designed to be placed on a table or hung up near a door. Placing the product in a pocket will cause friction which will lessen the effectiveness of the shielding. Using the product in this way will invalidate the warranty.

Product Code: KS1
Dimensions: w:11.5cm / h:11.5cm (closed) / h:22.5cm (open)
Window: No
Strap or Handle: No


  • Shielding of small devices
  • Stops car key cloning
  • Car Key Shielding