Blackvue Advanced Smart Power

Smart Power Device – LK350

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Advanced Smart Power Device – LK350

This will be included Free when you purchase a Blackvue DR650s 1CH or 2CH Model from us.

Product Description

The most advanced vehicle battery protection system offering both low cut voltage protection and timer control for your camera.

12 volt and 24 volt vehicles are supported, making it ideal for both private vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Low Voltage protection mode

Protecting your vehicles battery from accidental discharge and allow you to use parking mode, with various voltage setting s from 12.4 volts. Once the vehicles battery reached this cut off voltage the power to the camera is cut and will not be reapplied until you start the vehicle.

NOTE: If your vehicle uses an intelligent ECU system the Blackvue battery Pack is advisable and will prevent CANBUS warnings and vehicle errors.




Product Package

  • Main Device
  • Cable Tie
  • Adhesive Tape
  • User Guide